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Exhibitions, lectures, podcasts, a radio interview, and a documentary film


Documentary Film
The Faces of Phlamoudhi, directed by Rupert Barclay 

13 October 2014
Premier at the 7th Annual London Greek Film Festival

The film, over 4 years in the making, chronicles the reminiscences of several villagers about daily life prior to the 1974 Turkish invasion.   Stimulated by Cohn’s lecture following publication of his book, Barclay interviewed villagers in diaspora, and juxtaposed this with extensive commentary by Cohn about the process he underwent reconnecting the photographs with their subjects - and the resulting lifelong friendships that have been rekindled from the endeavor.

Podcast & Radio Interviews

Cyprus News Digest - Podcast (with Rupert Barclay)
by Rosie Charalambous
31 July 2014,  in collaboration with the Cyprus Mail, Nicosia
A new film, The Faces of Phlamoudhi, chronicles the lives of villagers driven from their village in the 1974 Turkish invasion

CYBC Radio Interview (with Savvas Georgiou)
by Rosie Charalambous
24 November 2010
A discussion about the impact of photographs on memory, from the perspectives of the photographer and a Phlamoudhioti, as explored in the lecture presented two days later at the 1st International Conference of Photography & Theory, held in Limassol

Phlamoudhi: From the Bronze Age to the Digital Era
The transformation of a community from one based on location to one linked by common memories 
Memories are fragile, ephemeral, and selective, but sometimes they are all we have.  For over 30 years, the displaced population had only oral histories and a slowly but inexorably diminishing collective memory of their ancestral homeland.  This changed with the serendipitous re-emergence in New York of the photographs of The Faces of Phlamoudhi, which lead to their publication and exhibition at the Cyprus Museum in 2009.  This paper traces the history of the project and the parallel story of a community kept alive through shared memories, friendship and family, juxtaposing images taken in 2009 with counterparts taken 37 years earlier.
The presentation at Cyprus House, New York, was published in 
Greek News, Greek-American Weekly Newspaper, 11 January 2010

11 October 2012 
Presented to the Cypriot community of France, under the auspices of the Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in France, at Maison de la Grèce, Paris

26 November 2010 
Presented to the 1st International Conference of Photography & Theory
University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus

In an Epilogue unique for the conference, three Phlamoudhioti in diaspora - Savvas Georgiou, Georgios Hadjipapaphotiou, and Cleanthis Evangelou - reflected on the meaning of these photographs to themselves, their families, and their community. 
28 February 2010 
Presented to the Panpaphian Association of New York, at the Archdiocesan Hellenic Cultural Center, Astoria, NY

3 December 2009
Presented by invitation of the Cypriot Mission to the United Nations and the Cypriot Consulate in New York, at Cyprus House, New York

18 October 2009 
Presented to the Phlamoudhi Association of the UK,  at the Cypriot Center, Wood Green, London
27 March 2009 
Presented to the annual meeting of the New York Archaeological Consortium at Columbia University, New York 

Exhibit: Views of Phlamoudhi, Cyprus (archaeology) and
The Faces of Phlamoudhi (photography)
Cyprus Museum, Nicosia, Cyprus
18 June - 18 September 2009
The Mediterranean has always been a place of dynamic cultural and artistic interaction. With the advent of burgeoning sea trade in the second half of the second millennium BCE, or the Late Bronze Age, Cyprus became a vital and prominent place of interaction, bringing together people and ideas from all parts of the Mediterranean world. Cyprus continued throughout its history – in the Iron Age … the Roman period … the Middle Ages … and the modern day – to be a place of interconnections. 
The village of Phlamoudhi was a part of that vibrant world. The contributions of Phlamoudhi to the art and culture of the Mediterranean was made public for the first time in an exhibition that ran from January 18-March 19, 2005 in the Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery in Schermerhorn Hall on the campus of Columbia University. This exhibit reopened in the Cyprus Museum on June 18, 2009. It featured the archaeology of Phlamoudhi, in addition to an exhibition of photographs of the village and its residents taken by Ian J. Cohn in 1972.
(excerpted from the Phlamoudhi Archaeological Project website)
For more information,  

Exhibit: Rediscovered: Views of Phlamoudhi, 1970-73 
House of Arts & Letters, Makarios Avenue, Larnaca, Cyprus
21 - 24 June 2009
Organized by the Phlamoudhi Association, in conjunction with “Views from Phlamoudhi, Cyprus” at the Cyprus Museum, this exhibit celebrated the publication of the book, and provided the Phlamoudhi community with a first viewing of the long “lost” photographs.
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Exhibitions, lectures, podcasts, a radio interview, and a documentary film